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Set up

Licensing, planning and implementation of microsoft azure cloud services

Operation and maintenance

monitoring, patching and backup


premium support for your booked cloud services

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We offer complete solutions and products

Benefit from customized software as a service (SaaS) solutions from the Microsoft Azure Cloud, managed by our Cloud experts



Managed Identity

Secure and easy management of your digital identities with the Managed Identity Service. Log on once and have access to all your applications.

Multi-factor Authentification

The complete solution enabling all users in the enterprise to securely and reliably log in using multi-factor authentication.

Assistant for Skype for Business

The smart chatbot for Skype for Business, which is capable of processing and providing complex information such as company data or sales figures.

Software as a Service

With this service, companies can obtain Microsoft software including Office 365 and Windows 10 as a complete package at a monthly subscription price.

Always up-to-date in the cloud:
The Digital Sales Manual

Never lose a business opportunity again through missing product information: The Digital Sales Manual and the Microsoft Azure Cloud make it possible.

EspressoNet 365

EspressoNet 365 is a web-based collaboration solution that is integrated into Office 365

Enterprise Data Protection EDP

Companies are encouraging a single device for both organizational and personal use. Under such circumstances, it becomes essential that enterprises manage their data and apps securely without spoiling the user experience for the employees. Windows 10 offers a way that keeps both admins and employees happy. This module protects enterprise data against unintended or malicious use.

Premium Dienstleistung inklusive

patch management

All systems are patched in three stages. A trouble-free operation of all systems is guaranteed


Backups of your software and data are created daily and can be restored at any time


The integrated anti-malware concept protects the applications against malicious software

Web portal

Administrate users and receive status information about your services


Our Premium monitoring solution informs you immediately if problems occur


We support you in the error analysis and help you with errors and problems

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